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We Shri Chitra Opticals & Optometry Clinic is committed to provide advanced vision care in a professional and comfortable environment. As an optometrist in Bodinayakkanur, our primary eye care service includes a complete eye exam that analyzes eye health and vision function. We also offers glasses, contact lenses, and pre- and post-operative care.

We conduct free camps by tie up with Essilor India 2.5 New Vision Generation using our exclusive Mobile Vision Screening Unit. We welcome and encourage the farmers, labours, students and common public to particpate in the camp and avail the benefits.

We maintain patient history review on the series of vision and eye tests, assessments of eye focusing and movement, and an eye health evaluation. We are continously engaged in providing total eye care solutions for more than a decade experience using medical advancements in the field of Opthalmic care. We always do have an excellent team of highly skilled Ophthalmic specialists.

Why Us?

  • Professional Patient Care
  • 100% Committed Service
  • Skilled Eye Specialists
  • Medical Advancements
  • Accurate Prescription
  • Quality Precision Services
  • Free Eye Camps

Eye Examination

A comprehensive eye exam is much more than reading an eye chart on the wall. First off, your optometrist will inquire about your current/past eye and general health history. This is important because many general health conditions and medications may affect your eyes. Your family history is also important because it will determine your risk for developing certain hereditary eye diseases. Most patients are familiar with the vision assessment which helps the optometrist determine your glasses prescription. A series of tests are performed to ensure you have the clearest and most comfortable prescription. Several different prescriptions are needed to have optimal vision for the various demands of your work and hobbies.

Emergency Eye Care

We welcome patients who have ocular emergencies that need to be assessed immediately. Examples of emergencies include red eyes, foreign bodies in the eye, sudden vision loss and blur, sudden peripheral vision loss, eye pain, and symptoms of flashes and/or floaters. Many eye emergencies need to be diagnosed and treated quickly for a better prognosis. Your optometrist can evaluate your eyes and make prompt referrals to ophthalmologists when necessary. Please call us during our office hours and we will make sure you are seen as soon as needed. With a combination of the proper optometry care and self-care, you can minimize computer eye syndrome and other modern-day vision problems. Contact us for an appointment today.

Contact Lens Fitting

A contact lens fitting is needed to determine a contact lens prescription. A contact lens is a medical device that sits on a very sensitive part of human tissue, called the cornea. If a lens does not fit your eye well, is not cared for properly, or is made of a material that is not breathable enough for your cornea, this can result in a wide range of complications from eye infections to blindness. Contact lenses have 3 main parameters that are finalized during a contact lens fitting: Base Curve: this ensures that the contact lens’ shape fits the curve of the front surface of your eye Power: most of the time, the power of a contact lens differs from the glasses prescription Material/brand: the material must be the most comfortable, moist, and breathable for your eyes.

Free Eye Camps

We conduct free eye camps on tied up with Essilor 2.5 New Vision Generation using our exclusive Mobile Vision Screening Unit. Essilor International announces the launch of “2.5 New Vision Generation” to bring good vision to the people in need. Today, 2.5 billion people need to have their vision corrected; 95% of them live in emerging countries like India and China. This is a consequence of poor access to eye care professionals. India and China have the largest number of people with uncorrected vision. If no action, the estimates show that this major social and economic issue will affect 3.2 billion people by 2050. Essilor has created this dedicated division that aims to add 50 million new spectacle wearers per year by 2020.

Clear Vision is Life

It is our philosophy that things should be done right and proper at the first time itself and this starts with a comprehensive eye test. Your eyes are worth it!.

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